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Why Does my Apple CarPlay Keep Disconnecting?

The Apple CarPlay is a technology used to mirror iPhone to your car radio screen. Using this feature, we can take actions such as getting Google maps directions, making/receiving calls, and sending/receiving messages from our iPhones without even touching them. 

Instead, we’ll use the car stereo screen to perform those actions. It results in less distraction and ,ultimately, fewer risks of road accidents.

Although a handy feature, many people have reported that CarPlay on their vehicle disconnects a lot

While some people have criticized that it disconnects intermittently, others have stated that it happens at regular intervals (5-7 seconds in most cases).

Why Does my Apple Carplay Keep Disconnecting?

In today’s post, we’ll find out why it happens and what countermeasures you can take to solve this issue.

1. Loose/Dusty Cable

The wired version of Apple CarPlay, and wireless CarPlay adapters, require a USB connection. Therefore, the first thing we’ll check is the wire itself.

You’ll need a 100% original lightning cable for CarPlay to work. Many people try to save money and buy c-grade cables from AliExpress, which results in random disconnections.

The second thing you need to ensure is that the cable is in good shape and not damaged. If there are any signs of wear and tear, you should replace it with a new one and then try again.

Lastly, you can try to blow out the lightning/CarPlay ports with compressed air. Dust can settle down if you haven’t used these ports in a long time and can create connectivity issues.

You can remove this dust or any small particles blocking the signal transmission through a compressed air can.

2. Low Phone Battery

The CarPlay is a powerful feature and requires a good amount of phone power to work properly. Therefore, your phone should have at least 70-75% battery before you enable it. You can also use a power bank to keep the battery levels up in the middle of your trip.

3. Bluetooth and WiFi Interference

If you’re using Wireless CarPlay, connectivity issues can happen due to other devices in your surrounding. To confirm this, try connecting through the wire. If the latter is working fine, there’s some problem is with your phone’s Bluetooth or WiFi.

Make sure that the phone is not trying to connect to any other WiFi or Bluetooth source at the time you’re connected to CarPlay, and then try again.

Another thing you can try is removing your vehicle from the Bluetooth ‘Device List’ and then adding it again to see if anything changes.

4. Unreliable Mobile Data Connection

Even though CarPlay uses lightning cable/Bluetooth technologies for establishing the connection, all the data transfer required for different applications (such as Google Maps, Spotify, etc.) is done via the data connection of your iPhone.

That is why it can have connectivity issues if the mobile data connection is unreliable. This is especially true if you’re traveling through areas with low cellphone coverage.

Additionally, if you’re using a VPN, it’s better to turn it off while using CarPlay as it can slow down your internet.

4. EQ settings

Sometimes, EQ settings on your iPhone can cause the CarPlay to crash and restart. This happens due to a glitch and is prevalent in older iPhones.

To turn these off, go to your phone settings. Then, go to Music > EQ. Then tap on OFF.

5. Apple Watch

While I haven’t encountered this personally, some users have reported connectivity issues with CarPlay when they’re using Apple Watch at that time. I’m not 100% sure about this, but you can try taking off the Apple Watch (if you’re using one, to begin with) and then establishing the connection.

6. Older IOS version

Another thing you should consider in this situation is the iOS version of your iPhone. There’s a possibility that these connectivity problems are due to a software bug. Therefore, you should always have the most recent iOS version available.

You can also take a backup of your phone and reset it to see if this brings any improvement. But, to be honest, this should be your last option.

7. Older head unit

Similar to the iPhone, your head unit can have older software which may result in a bug or two creating these issues. Therefore, you should have an updated head unit software too.

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