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Kenwood Wiring Harness Diagram Color Codes

Kenwood is one of the most reputed aftermarket car radio brands – along with Pioneer, Alpine, JVC, and Sony.

The biggest issue car audio installers face while installing a new car radio is how to match radio wires at the back. Every radio comes with an installation manual that features its wiring diagram (along with color codes), but scrolling through the manual can be time-consuming.

Lucky for you, we’ll talk about Kenwood radios’ wiring diagrams and color codes in this post.

If you have any other 3rd-party radio, you can also check out our wiring guides for PioneerAlpine, and JVC.

Kenwood KDC-BT282U Wiring Diagram

Our first radio is the KDC-BT282U – an affordable, single-din CD receiver.

  • Yellow – Constant 12V wire
  • Red – Ignition wire
  • Black – Ground wire
  • Blue/White – Power Control/Antenna Control wire
  • Brown– Mute Control wire
  • Light blue/yellow – Steering Remote Control wire
  • White – Left-front speaker wire (positive)
  • White/Black – Left-front speaker wire (negative)
  • Green – Left-rear speaker wire (positive)
  • Green/Black – Left-rear speaker wire (negative)
  • Gray – Right-front speaker wire (positive)
  • Gray/Black – Right-front speaker wire (negative)
  • Purple – Right-rear speaker wire (positive)
  • Purple/Black – Right-rear speaker wire (negative)

Kenwood DDX5707S Wiring Diagram

The Kenwood DDX5707S is a double-din, apple CarPlay head unit. But its wiring is similar to that of KDC-BT282U. The only difference is the addition of an orange/white wire for dimmer control.

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Kenwood DMX7705S Wiring Diagram

The DMX7705S is also a double-din head unit but is slightly older. It has a lot of additional wires, such as parking sensor wire, reverse sensor wire, cam wires, etc. The remaining wires ( power wire, ground wire, etc.) have the same color scheme as in KDC-BT282U and DDX5707S.

Apart from DMX7705S, this wiring diagram can be used as a reference if you have the DDX8905S, DDX6905S, and DDX6705S.

  • Light green -Parking Sensor wire
  • Green/white – Cam wire (negative)
  • Green/red – Cam wire (positive)
  • Purple/white – Reverse Sensor wire
  • Orange/white – Dimmer Control wire
  • Blue/white – Power Control wire
  • Blue – Antenna Control wire

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