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How to Set Clock on Sony Car Radio

Many people believe that their job is complete after upgrading to an aftermarket car radio.

But that’s usually not the case, and you have to complete the setups for additional features such as Android Auto/CarPlay, crossover settings, fader/balance, time alignment, etc.

One such setting is the clock adjustment.

While it’s true that the clock on car radios is accurate most of the time, it can go out of sync if there’s any problem with the battery, internal wiring, ignition, etc. It can also stop working if you’ve recently upgraded the car battery.

How to Set Clock on Sony Car Radio

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to worry as you can manually adjust the clock on your Sony radio by following a few steps:

How to Set Clock on Sony MEX and WX Radios

The following method will usually work on button-based single-din Sony radios:

  • Press the ‘menu’ button
  • Then rotate the volume dial until you see the ‘GENERAL’ option on the screen.
  • Select that option using the dial.
  • Again, rotate the dial and search for ‘CLOCK ADJ’ this time.
  • Select that option by pressing the dial.
  • Now you’ll able to see the current time. The hour value would’ve been blinking. You can adjust it using the dial.
  • Once you’ve adjusted that value, press the dial to lock that new value.
  • Then the cursor will go to the minutes-value that you can adjust using that same dial.

How to Set Clock on Sony XAV-AX5500

This method applies specifically to the Sony XV-AX5500 double-din stereo.

  • Press the ‘home’ button. It’s in the bottom-left corner.
  • Then tap on the ‘settings’ icon (in the bottom-right corner).
  • Then go to General > Date/Time > Set Date/Time.
  • Here you’ll need to change this option to Manual.
  • Lastly, tap the wrench icon (indicates setup).
  • Now, you can manually adjust the date/time on your XAV-AX5500.

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