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How to Reset JVC Car Radio

In this post, we’ll talk about resetting the JVC radios.

JVC is one of the top car stereo brands, and their products generally offer a fair value for money.

But like any other car audio component, these car radios can have a few issues here and there. However, most of those minor issues can be solved by simply resetting the car stereo.

How to Reset JVC Radio

Like in other car stereos brands, the reset procedure in JVC radios varies from model to model.

And while I will try to cover this process for multiple radio types, these are generic tips that may or may not apply to your specific JVC model. If that is the case, go through the owner manual and follow those instructions instead.

Also, resetting a car stereo will erase all the custom settings you’ve set until that point. It means that you will have to reconfigure those settings once the reset process is finished.

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Resetting JVC single-DIN Radio with Reset button

If you have a button-based JVC single-din radio, you should first remove its faceplate by pressing the detach button on the bottom left corner.

Once you’ve removed the faceplate, you’ll see a small-sized hole in the middle of the radio. It is called the reset button. Press and hold this button for a few seconds with a pin/paperclip.

Now attach the faceplate back again, and you’ll see that the reset procedure has completed.

Reset JVC double-DIN Radio

Resetting the JVC double-DIN radios is even easier than it is for their single-DIN siblings. There’s no faceplate involved this time, and all you need to do is finding out the reset hole. It is usually located in the middle or the bottom-left corner of the radio.

Have a sharp, pointy object such as a pin or toothpick. Press and hold that button for a few seconds using that pin. It will initialize the reset procedure. You need to ensure is that no USB device is connected to the head unit during this procedure.

Reset JVC Radio with Power Button

This method is better suited for older JVC models.

Find the ‘on’ and ‘select’ buttons on your car stereo and press both of them at the same time. Holding these buttons for roughly 5-6 seconds will reset the stereo.

When you should reset your car radio?

Below are some of the key situations where you can reset your car stereo.

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