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How to Change Time on Pioneer Radio

Setting up the clock in a car stereo consists of only a few steps. But since each model has a slightly different procedure, people usually don’t bother to change the time if it goes out of sync

Other times, they wait for their next visit to the garage and ask the mechanic to do it instead.

While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you should do it yourself considering how straightforward it is.

To help you out, we’ll talk about changing the time on pioneer car stereos in this post.

How to Set Pioneer Radio Clock?

I have listed clock setting procedures for some of the popular pioneer stereos below.

How to Change Time on Pioneer DEH Radios

  • Press the ‘SRC’ button to turn on the car stereo.
  • Press the volume knob/button. It will give you different options. Rotate the knob until you see the system menu
  • Select this option by pressing the volume button.
  • Now rotate the knob until you see the ‘Clock Set‘ option on the screen. Then, press that button once again
  • Now, you can change the hours and minutes by rotating the volume knob.
  • Once you’ve selected your desired hour/minute values, press the SRC button.

In case you want to change the time format, go to the system menu again and rotate the volume knob until you see ’12H/24H’ on the display screen. You can toggle between these two formats by pressing the volume button.

How to Change Time on Pioneer AVH Radios

  • Tap on the touchscreen area where the current time is being displayed.
  • A new screen will appear, and you’ll be able to change the current time as well as date and date/time formats.
  • The time will be divided into two sections: hours and minutes.
  • To change each of these values, there will be ^ and ∨ signs on those values.
  • If you want to increase the hour/minute value, you’ll tap on the ^ sign. If you want to decrease the hour/minute value, you’ll tap on the ∨ sign.
  • Once your desired time is selected, tap the ‘x’ sign on the top-right corner to close this screen.

How to Change Time on Older Pioneer CD Players

  • Press the hold the source button to turn off the head unit.
  • Press and hold the source button again until you see the clock appear on the screen. On some models, such as Mosfet 50Wx4, you may have a dedicated clock button that you’ll need to press instead of the source button.
  • Now you can change the time using up and down arrows.
  • To toggle between the hours and minutes segment of the clock, use left and right arrows.
  • Press the source button to lock in the new time and exit.

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