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How to Change Time on Alpine Radio

The built-in clock is one of the most underrated of a car stereo.

While driving, it’s better to check time on your car stereo’s clock rather than on your wristwatch or smartphone.


It’s because it allows you to see the current time without diverting your focus.

In most vehicles, the clock is powered by the car battery. That’s the reason it remains accurate even when the vehicle is off.

But what if your battery is fully-drained and you need to jump-start the vehicle?

Well, in that case, the clock will stop working. And you’ll have to set the time once your vehicle is working again.

How to Change Time on Alpine Radios

Below we’ll discuss this procedure for some popular alpine car radios.

How to Set Clock on Alpine iLX-W650

  • Press the ‘home’ button.
  • Now go to the setup by selecting the ‘gear’ icon.
  • Now select the ‘system’ icon.
  • You must have engaged the parking brake at this point. Otherwise, this system icon will be greyed out and unresponsive.
  • Once you’ve selected the system icon, you’ll see a new screen with different tabs such as Clock, Dimmer, Language, etc.
  • Select ‘Clock’.
  • It will have a label named ‘Clock Adjustment’ and a ‘Adjustment’ button against it.
  • Select that button.
  • Now you’ll see different clock-related adjustments such as hours, minutes, and PM/AM toggle with the help of ^ and ∨ buttons. You can also switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats.
  • Once you’ve achieved the desired results, Press OK.

How to Set Clock on Alpine iLX-F509

  • Select the SETUP button.
  • Then select ‘system’. It will have a computer icon.
  • Now you’ll see different options such as Language, Lighting, Key Sound Feedback, etc.
  • Select ‘Clock Adjust’.
  • The rest of the process is similar to that in ilx-W650.

How to Set Clock on Alpine iLX-407

The Alpine iLX-407 also has a similar procedure for setting the clock. One minor difference is the + and – buttons for adjusting hours and minutes instead of ^ and ∨.

How to Set Clock on Alpine UTE-73BT and CDE-143BT

  • Press and hold the ‘SETUP’ button in the bottom row.
  • You’ll get different options on the screen. Rotate the control dial until you see the ‘GENERAL’ option.
  • Press the dial to select this option.
  • You’ll again get different options. Select ‘CLOCK ADJ’ with the help of that dial.
  • Now adjust the hour and minute values using the dial. Then press the dial.
  • Now the process is complete. Press the back button twice.

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