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Are Round Speakers Better Than Oval?

Unless you’re here for the first time, you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of factory car speakers.

They suffer from poor sound quality, give distortion at higher volume levels, and the performance deteriorates over time. Not to mention their inability to cover the full audio spectrum.

Aftermarket speakers, on the other hand, give you detailed and louder sound – along with a wide soundstage.

But if you’ve ever searched online for new speakers, you’ll know that aftermarket models come in a variety of sizes. These sizes fall into two categories: Round and Oval-shaped speakers.

Both types have different arguments in their favor. Many people claim that round speakers are better than oval speakers, but there is an equal number of people claiming the opposite.

Round vs Oval Speakers

Here we’ll discuss both of these types and find out if one is better than the other in any way.

Round Speakers

As suggested by the name, round speakers come in a circular shape. Common speakers that fall into this category include 3.5-inch speakers4-inch speakers5.25-inch speakers, 6.5-inch speakers, and 6.75-inch speakers.

Proponents of such speakers argue that they provide better sound since the rounded cone allows for even sound dispersion.

Oval Speakers

On the other side, we have oval speakers. They have different lengths and widths which gives them an oval shape. Common speaker sizes from this type are 4×6 speakers4×10 speakers5×7 speakers6×8 speakers, and 6×9 speakers.

Due to their shape, they have less width compared to similar-sized round speakers and can be used in many tight areas around your vehicle.

Are Round Speakers Better Than Oval?

There’s no binary answer to this question. There are some situations where round speakers are better and some others where the oval speakers take the lead..

If you’re a beginner and want to choose from a large variety of models, then round speakers would suit you. On the other hand, oval speakers will perform better if the space is limited.

If we specifically talk about the sound quality, round speakers are not always better than their oval-shaped siblings. Most people believe that the oval shape of the cone can cause flex in it over the passage of time, but that’s not necessarily true.

They have got this bad reputation only due to some b-grade coaxial models having low-quality cone material. Otherwise, a well-designed oval speaker can give you the same dispersion as that of a round speaker while having more cone area at the same time.

This extra area results in better bass response.

As far as my take on this whole topic is concerned, I would suggest you analyze the vehicle areas you want to place your speakers in. Make sure that the speaker you’re about to buy is compatible with that area – rather than buying solely on the basis of their shape.

You should also make sure to buy speakers of popular brands only because it’s all about how well-built a speaker is.

Heck, make sure to check reviews for each individual speaker even if it’s manufactured by a seemingly well-reputed brand.

Other important specs to look at in a car speaker can be impedance, RMS wattage, frequency response, etc.

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